the book list.

a list of genres and the books i’ve found to be note worthy.

The Classics

The true classics. Think old school, romantic, and dead authors, like Jane Austen.

Literary Fiction

Maybe my favorite genre. All fictional stories but with artistic qualities. Fake names but real life lessons.

New Age

Philosophy. Religion/Spirituality. Universe in general. Like modern psychology but with underlying spiritual notes.

History or Mystery

A little history or a little mystery? Take your pick. Maybe both.

The New Classics

The new wave of classic authors and titles. You may have read one or two during high school lit but don’t remember what happens.

Modern Psychology

Basically self-help books but I don’t agree with the genre label.


You know, travel books, guides, the works.

Coffee Table

The beautiful and the interesting to keep you and your guests entertained.

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