what’s life without risk after all?

I’ve had moment after moment of revelations, not all personal but mostly, given the amount of alone time I’ve been experiencing. 


At some point during the alone time, I’ve come to the realization that slowing a pandemic is akin to slowing life. I’ve always valued the slow life. I’ve always appreciated an easy morning or a lazy afternoon. However, at some point it becomes less like avoiding death and more like avoiding life. No matter how smart, intuitive, or adaptable we as humans are, we will never avoid death. It will always be there waiting for each of us.

I understand my part during a pandemic. I understand that I am staying home so that others may avoid disease, illness, sickness; but at what point do we lose all the life that we are trying so desperately to save? I love my home and I love my people, but I love coffee shops and museums and live music, too. I love local restaurants and bars. I love traveling and exploring and seeing things for the first time and experiencing different cultures and adventuring outdoors.

I know it sounds selfish but I miss sharing the joys of life with other people.

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