how to make space for yourself and others at home

Last week I posted about how to make a home office with minimal things already in your home or things easily found online. Now is the time to get creative, but we create mental roadblocks when we feel stuck physically. If there’s anything I believe, I believe that to calm the mind, you’ve got to move the body.

Move the body to still the mind.

If you are feeling anxious, it’s best to get all that anxious energy (vata energy – for all my Ayurvedic people) out. I’ve found whenever my anxiousness threatens to take over, if I come to a place where I can let it out in a positive and productive way, I release the hold on it and give way to clearer thinking.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, my anxiety has come back full force. Some days I feel normal, everything is fine. Other days I feel like the world may be coming to an end, and I’m witnessing it all. Having a “safe space” is probably one of the most beneficial things to do for yourself right now. Carve out a little corner in your home, in the world, that is yours, that is there for you when you need it, whenever you need it.

My poor husband, Race, is a gym junkie, Crossfit addict, social butterfly, you name it, so the quarantine life is slowly killing him. He’s gone for runs and done yoga practices, he’s planned plyometric workouts for us, but it still ain’t enough. I feel for all of you people that need other people, I really do – I pray for y’all and your people every day, but I also thank God that I am a homebody and a 51% introvert for days like these. My time to shine has come at last!

So, if you and/or your partner, roomie, mother, dog, cat, etc. need a place to workout, practice, and realign with the universe to realize that we are all connected and will be reconnected during and after a worldwide lockdown, then here’s a list of a few things to make a normal-old-space feel refreshing and grounding:

  1. A YOGA MAT (obv)
    • I highly recommend Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat 5mm. I treated myself to one a couple years ago when I started my Yoga Teacher Training, and it’s worth every single penny.
    • I got my husband The Reversible Mat 3mm for his birthday since he needs one during the current home-workout-phase, and although it’s a lower price, it is much thinner than my 5mm mat, so I’d recommend the thicker one for anyone who needs a little more cushion!
  2. GREENERY (or any form of nature)
    • By greenery, I mean any plant, flower, or the likes. But it must be a real-life thing (no fake plants)! If you’re already thinking “I kill anything and everything that I bring home,” then try a pothos or a snake plant. They are extremely forgiving and need very little attention. If even watering a plant once a week – or month – is too much for you, then go for a crystal or seashell or another form of nature that calls to you.
    • The age old myth says that having a plant, or another natural thing, around you is grounding. It reminds you of the connectivity between nature, earth, the universe. This is especially true for people who live in apartments and cities who rarely touch the earth (like the actual ground. with your feet. in the dirt.)
    • The goal is to create a calming environment – one that makes you breathe out a sigh of relief and release. Choose any type of environmental air purifier (if you will) that changes the mood for you to a positive light. Don’t limit yourself, but keep the area free from clutter. Pick one or two and enjoy the shift in mood and mindset.
    • I invested in a Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made for our home. Next, I’ll probably try Vitruvi’s line of oils, but for now, we simply use lavender that we got during our time in Provence.
    • Other options to add: Himalayan Salt lamp or candle holder, aromatherapy spray, burning sage, or even essential oils to roll straight onto your temples and wrists.
    • Yoga is a personal practice, therefore, everything is about what YOU want and need to get the most out of it.
    • A few accessories to consider: a block, a towel, a strap, a bolster, a blanket… Most of which you can improvise with things you already own, like a towel or a leash or a pillow. If you’re a serious at-home warrior, then maybe order a couple of blocks and towels. If you’re a full-on restorative, then a special blanket or bolster may serve you well. The goal, again, is to limit your distractions, so choose wisely the things that support you during your practice.
Humble Haven Yoga – downtown
Humble Haven Yoga – glenside

To make a space feel peaceful in a way that works for you, limit the amount of things surrounding the space. Pick a few items that resonate with you and the energy on which you want to focus. Keeping a space open and minimal will allow you to move and express without fear or frustration. Keep it simple but spiritual – because after all, that’s what yoga is: a journey of the mind and body to spiritual awakening of the self. Leave room for that.

We are lucky, too, that during such a time of unknown, many local and global studios and companies are offering FREE yoga, barre, plyo, etc. fitness and wellness resources online! Lululemon’s “Home Workouts,” Alo’s “Alo Moves,” and my personal and maybe biased favorite, Humble Haven’s “Video Library” are all ready and waiting for you to get moving in the comfort of your home. Namastay at home, yogis!

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