how to create a home office

Since the majority of the country will now be working from home until further notice, it’s important to make space for yourself (and/or your partner). Whether your work life consists of phone calling, emailing, reading, writing, editing, liking, commenting, sharing, or any other form of -ing, a designated space is vital to your productivity and your mood.

The first thing you need to do is to find space (read: make space, especially if your home is smaller than 1,000 square feet, like our apartment). No matter how many square feet your home is, it’s not impossible to have a home office! In fact, the arrangements in a home are endless, so don’t limit your options to what you’ve seen or done in the past – move your stuff around until it looks AND feels good!

We took our “book corner” away and replaced the stacks with my great-grandmother Mamaw’s antique Singer sewing table. The sewing table was used as a catch-all in our tiny entryway, and it may not be the perfect desk, but hey, it works!

We moved the chest and the plant to the front door and the books to another area of the apartment… It’s all about getting creative and trying different things to get the space feeling right.

Next, you’ll want good lighting. I already had two matching blue and white Ralph Lauren lamps that give a nice warm glow, so I used one of them for my desk. It’s twin flanks the other side of the fireplace on a wood and rattan cabinet, still giving the room balance.

I find it best to give your eyes a break from your screen or your paper with wall art that shows some form of nature. Nature elements bring you back to a grounding state, which is especially good for people who get carried away into the depths of their work.

Another element to add to your work space is a personal touch, such as a photo of loved ones. I chose a silly one of my husband and my brother trying to do headstands on the beach. Every time I look at it it makes me smile and think not to take myself so seriously.

And lastly, keep your journal, planner, or book close so it’s easily within reach every time you need it. And don’t forget a candle! Light that baby anytime you need a little mental relaxation to clear the air!

All the elements, including the ghost chair and the agate coaster, are linked at my profile. Shop my home office by clicking any of the photos!

Share your home office photos and tips! I think we all need a little more inspiration these days!

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